This website describes a human resources proposal to the European Union Institutions called 'Solidarité'.
How we feel about ourselves and others is a major force for the effectiveness and contentment of our lives, our workplaces and for the well-being and happiness of society.
Individuals and groups genuinely connecting with and supporting each other is one of the most meaningful and effective ways to build morale, understanding, social capital and inspiration for ourselves, our workplaces and for the broadest community.
Faced with the challenges of the world and the demanding responsibilities of the EU Institutions, there is huge value in EU officials being integrally in touch with others.
The Solidarité proposal is for a system of simple human resources activities within the EU Institutions based on human connection through staff training and volunteering.
Operated within and by the EU Institutions, the programme would:

  • lead by example,
  • put into action a form of modern corporate social responsibility
  • help implement up to 20 EU policies and programmes and,
  • directly serve EU values.

The highly researched activities have win-win outcomes and are a proven successful way to not only help others but to boost community morale and cooperation and to create social cohesion. Significantly, the activities also reduce costs and increase team building, productivity and the commitment of people at work.
The activities would help to:
* Connect the EU Institutions to the community and social realities
* Connect EU policies and programmes to people
* Connect EU Institutions, staff and trainees to citizens
* Connect people with values
The Proposal offers many value-adding activities, yet primarily involves two things:

  1. EU Institution staff training through community engagement - ‘Solidarité Days’: an option for staff training/teambuilding through helping others and community engagement
  2. Supporting practical opportunities for EU Institution staff and trainees to develop and participate in positive, benevolent, humanitarian and socially uplifting activities in their own time - though ‘Solidarité volunteering’, 'DG Community Days' and ‘Vacation Solidarité’.

The Solidarité Proposal is in the process of being given to the EU Institutions, requesting that they investigate its merits. Your support is valuable. 

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